Planning To Start A Practice?

Every one of us wants to start our business and so is the case with providers. Providers are not business person by nature, so they need a true advice from business professionals to start their organizations. Many practice get collapsed due to improper planning and selection of inappropriate vendors for their medical business setup.

Following are some key points to be considered while setting up new practice.


Getting Numbers:


This is important to get the Group NPI, tax ID, CLIA number etc. for the practice before its start up. Mostly provider get the location, setup the office but ignore to get these ID’s. QuickBillsMD helps providers to get all these identification number from required entities in timely fashion.

Selection of Location:


This is also very much important to select the nice location for the office, usually providers purchased the old medical practices with same location and name which is not a good option. Most of the angry patients of that established practice don’t want to visit again the same place even the treatment provider is changed.

Ideally provider should choose a location which is easily approachable by public transport as well and build his own brand.

Marketing Channels:


We are living in digital world now, apart from conventional marketing and branding i.e. sign boards, printed flyers and brochures, local paper marketing; provider also have to have a decent website, social media presence and active marketing on social media, ads in local TV etc. to get foots in the market.

QuickBillsMD helps very much to their clients for selecting all possible marketing channels and their proper execution as well.

Staff and Vendor Selection:


This is most challenging part of medical practice setup. Usually providers need help to select professionals or outsourcing partners.

There are few things to be considered while selecting a vendor:

  • Price and Services Analysis
  • Transparency is Important
  • On-Boarding process should be convenient
  • Security of Your Data
  • Proven track or word or mouth

Insurance Credentialing:


All major insurances in the area should be listed and contacted for credentialing. It’s always beneficial to get the major insurances credentialing done before the start of practice e.g. If there is pediatric and he/she doesn’t accept the Medicaid insurance that could be a big mistake and same is the case goes with Primary care if he/she doesn’t accept the Medicare.

QuickBillsMD helps you out in all above mentioned processes and provide you the step by step guideline for perfect medical practice startup.

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