Patient scheduling is a great art. On one hand, you want to pull your care team’s productivity and attend as many revenue-generating patients as possible. On the other hand, you want to avoid long wait time for patients and keep patient satisfaction high by providing each the attention they want. These are some patient scheduling best practices to consider.


Use Patient Portal Enabled EHR:

As patients are becoming more familiar with the digital media and using different apps, it is very necessary for practices to adopt the EHR with patient portal access where patient can get scheduled themselves, get medical records, receive reminders for their appointments and much more.


Adopt Digital Marketing:

This includes not only your old marketing techniques of sending flyers, but also adopt the today’s age technologies. A really good website which enables patients to schedule patient appointment via contact form, presence on all famous social media i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. that also enable patients to schedule the appointments from there. There are some very useful website which are used as patient scheduling agent by many practices such as “zocdoc”, “healthgrades”, “vitals” and “oscar” etc.


Rock-Star Appointment Schedule:

An appointment schedule or front desk person should be very knowledge-full and customer friendly as well.  Giving all patients accurate information about the services provided, guiding patients perfectly about clinic route and giving them reminders for appointments are very key tasks for appointment success.

Appointment scheduler should also be very careful about the insurance plans accepted by practice, the patient insurance plan should match with the accepted practice plans.


Eligibility and Authorization:

Make sure you have great verification team which handles insurance eligibilities and pre-authorizations perfectly. Ensuring eligibility and authorization for any visit secures the reimbursement of services performed by provider.

Money calculation is a part of eligibility where upfront amount of patient payment is recognized and communicated to the patient before coming to see the doctor, this help to collect 90% of the cash payments from patients with any hassle, this helps practices to get rid of patients statements and patient collections calls as well.